Our Mission
We are here to take our clients’ notional system requirements and, with them, create enduringly successful information systems, packed full of data-driven functionality, that revolutionise the way their organisations work.

How do we fulfil our mission?
We have a very methodical approach, and we’re constantly and actively growing our expertise, experience and understanding in and of our sector and core technologies. 

We have an information systems framework and a suite of tools for generating information systems directly from the data that defines the system requirement (see software generation). 

And when we say revolutionise we mean:
- Using our distinctive approach to data-driven workflow to orchestrate, standardise, and re-model business processes.
- Implementing web-facing, self-service facilities for stakeholders, thus breaking down the traditional boundaries to turn the organisation inside-out. 

We’re happy to work really hard as a cohesive team for the third sector, and we’re fulfilled by our work. 

Our instinct is to work ethically, enjoyably, and profitably, and get a little bit better each time.

Our medium term goal is a totally data driven architecture.

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