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Infoworks is an approved NCVO Consultant. Each year we submit ourselves for accreditation and are assessed on the following criteria: Operational Standards, Contract Capability, Delivery Process, and Review Arrangements.
Infoworks was created by a de-merger from Co-Op Systems in 1996. Co-Op Systems concentrates on networking, communications, infrastructure, and support. When we need high-end network/communications consultancy on projects, we turn to Co-Op Systems.
We’ve worked with Happy Computers over many years and recommend them for general computer training. They’re also a good venue for computer based training in London.
Infoworks has worked with Lasa for many years. We’re committed to the Circuit Rider Principles, contribute to the Knowledgebase, and present at Circuit Rider events.
Infoworks is an approved supplier in this directory of third sector technology suppliers.
Infoworks is a Microsoft Partner. We use Microsoft development software because of its depth, breadth, and quality.

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