Real world examples of PaperBuilding
This section will show examples of two types of PaperBuild drawings - “form paints” and schematics - and screenshots of the systems that have been created using these drawings.  As you will see, PaperBuilding allows people to get a feel for a system before it has been developed.

Here is an example of a "form paint" produced during PaperBuilding:

And this is what it looked like in the finished system:

Similarly, this is an example of a whole system schematic developed in a PaperBuild:

And this is what the finished Home page looks like:

Then each main menu item at the top leads into a separate module, usually with a search screen to allow fast access to records, such as:

And then selecting a record gives access to a whole new set of screens of information, accessible from a side menu, such as:

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