IS & Database Audits IS & Database Audits

Have you got a howler of a database, or is it just you being unreasonable? Should you knuckle down and make it work? Or should you throw it overboard before it sinks your ship?

We’ve been in the business of information systems in this sector since 1988 (see the Infoworks story), and we simply wouldn’t have survived without:

a)     A strong sense of what’s right and wrong when dealing with information systems

b)     A wide knowledge of the market - how other people do what you do

This puts us in a perfect position to give you (completely free, no charge) two hours of our time at your offices looking at your system and listening, and from that we’ll give you a clear and definitive opinion.

AND before we even start talking we’ll sign a pledge to say we’ll never try to sell you anything, ever, promise!

Q1: Why do you offer this?

A1: Call it direct advertising, and we learn from it.

Q2: What’s the catch?

A2: We'll only do two one of these each month, starting February 2012 and finishing November 2012. 

Q3: Bet it’s some 16 year old on a placement, yeah?

A3: No, it’s your choice of our top and most experienced staff.

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