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Imagine a market-leading CRM system which allowed you to sweep away all your existing data structure, and use a data structure for just your organisation from scratch, one that can record everything and anything you want without compromise, without having to bend and twist to fit some packaged view of the world - but one which still has all the functionality you’d expect from a market-leading package.

Imagine having your cake (data structure freedom) and eating it (rich functionality).

And not only that.  Imagine not just renting the right to use a package, but actually owning your own system - that's what Infoworks gives you.  You can do what you want when you want, without having to wait for all the other renters to move the same way.  So when you want to push ahead with something that will give you (and only you) a real competitive advantage, you can.

Bespoke data + Package functionality + You own it = Real competitive advantage

Since 2003 Infoworks has been developing and refining a software environment and supporting tools for quickly implementing complex and varied information systems requirements, creating robust, user-friendly, feature-rich web applications which are unique to each client.

How does it work?

- we record your information system / data requirement (what fields and tables you need) in our PaperBuildDB tool

- we agree and mock-up the interface design with you using the PaperBuildDB

- we then generate the web application from the data held in the PaperBuildDB about the interface and the data structure
The resulting web application looks and feels like package software, but it is completely flexible in terms of its data structure.  It benefits from years of refinement of the environment and the inclusion of data driven functionality in our architecture.

Data driven functionality means you can change what your system can do, and/or the way it does it, by making changes to data held in your system's "Housekeeping" module.  You can change the way you work, or introduce new products or workflows, and quickly and easily amend the system to support you.  Multiple different workflows can be managed, so the system can support a whole range of different types of clients, cases, products, etc. in the way that best suits each particular activity - no more "one size fits all"..

This gives you the ability to be flexible in the way you work, and fast in the way you respond to change - and all without having to pay for any change to the software!

Is it bespoke?

Not strictly speaking – the same core framework (tens of thousands of lines of code) drives all our web applications. We refine and develop it, and each new implementation benefits from that.

But it is bespoke from the point of view of data structure – i.e. you can have exactly what you want, and have it very quickly.

And like every modern package, our software can be extended for your specific purposes. But because each implementation is client-specific, you own your implementation and can shape it to meet the changing needs in your organisation – no user group approval is needed, so there is no delay, and no compromise.

What if I don’t want to start from scratch with the data structure?

You don’t have to. We maintain a PaperBuildDB definition of all our systems, plus a ‘core’ solution – you can take parts of these, cast aside others, and add your own unique data structure requirements.

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