Web Application Makeovers Web Application Makeovers

If your organisation was an early adopter of browser based information  systems, you may not have kept pace with current technology and your web database may be looking tired or 'boxy’ – it may feel clunky to users.

It doesn’t take much to breathe life into most web applications.

A stylesheet revamp can make the tired old thing feel bright, shiny and new, with splashes of graphics for effect.

Dashboard graphics can usually be added quickly and can provide key management information as a byproduct of system usage.

Another key area is button-click reduction - anyone who’s used a web based system for long will know the importance of reducing the number of clicks to get to where you need to go:

  • a drop down menu showing recently viewed or modified records can save you three button clicks
  • auto-launching regularly used pre-defined searches can do the same
  • a ‘copy this record’ button can save hours in high throughput applications

Quick, simple changes like this (we maintain a list of the best ones) can improve the lives of your users no end!

And we can help with a free assessment – contact us for info.

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