Our story

We've been around since 1988 – a long time in the fast-changing IT industry, so we reckon we must have been doing something right along the way.

This is our story, told in reverse chronological order, because what’s happening now is usually of most interest to anyone wanting to know more about us. But we think it’s also important to see where we’ve come from and how we’ve adapted to the massive technological changes of the last thirty years, so you know we’re always ready to ride the next wave.

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by Tim Grayston
Cyber Essentials Certified

Elliot completes his apprenticeship

Elliot completed his apprenticeship with a Distinction and is now forging a career with Infoworks.

New website

At long last we go-live with our new website, more modern and a better shop window for Infoworks.

Stuart retires!

After many years at the forefront of Infoworks, Stuart decides to take a well earned break - though retirement for him has filled with many other activities to keep him active.

Infoworks foray into apprenticeships

Elliot starts his apprenticeship.

New freelancer unveiled

Elliot starts as a freelancer with Infoworks.

Chris becomes fulltime

After a period of freelance work, Chris signs a fulltime contract.

The move to .Net Core

It seems that technology changes daily, and with it we need to keep our skills current and up to date. So the move to .Net Core was our next logical step.

ASP.Net & SQL Server

Web-based applications were beginning to take off and in order to stay current Infoworks invested time and resorurces to get up to speed with the latest technology ASP.Net using Visual Basic with SQL server database.

Active Server Pages

Another technical advance with Infoworks starting to build web-based applications in the original ASP.

Infoworks is born

Stuart and Tim create Infoworks following a demerger from CoopSys - with their blessing - so we could concentrate on our core business of software development.

Windows 3.1 based applications

MS Access had been around for a couple of years by now and we started to move our internal systems from DataEase into MS Access. Alongside this we were beginning to migrate client applications to Windows either in Access or building desktop systems using Visual Basic.

Tim joins CoopSys

The plan was to gain a couple of years experience before moving onto pastures new...and I'm still here now.

Jeremy joins as a freelancer

Jeremy met Stuart and Phil at a Chairy Fair and started as a freelancer soon afterwards.

DOS based applications

DataEase for DOS was our mainstay development tool of the late 80's right up until the mid 1990's. Who can forget the green, yellow, blue and red colours of this Database programming environment that we pushed to it's limits building relational structures at ease - even creating a full double entry accounting system and payroll for the WEA.

Stuart joins CoopSys

A few years before Infoworks came about, Stuart joined Phil at CoopSys to spearhead the software development arm of the company.

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